Who are we?

Istanbul Bilgi University Pro Bono Clearinghouse is an “access to justice” project run by Istanbul Bilgi University Human Rights Law Research Center. Since 2006, it brings together NGOs seeking legal support and lawyers that volunteer to provide free legal services. Thus far, more than fifty NGOs and hundreds of individuals received pro bono legal services.

What is ‘Pro bono’ ?

Pro bono publico (Latin phrase for “for the public good”; usually shortened as pro bono) means providing professional work without payment. Pro bono legal service is voluntary and is given as a social responsibility. By this way, NGOs with financial challenges and their constituents who have difficulties in accessing justice can obtain free legal assistance.

Pro bono service in the legal profession first started in the USA. It then expanded to the United Kingdom, later to Continental Europe and Eastern/Southeastern Asia. Istanbul Bilgi University Pro Bono Network is the first and single clearinghouse in Turkey. It is also one of the oldest network initiatives in Europe.
For legal service to qualify as pro bono, the following must be met:
  1. A legal service must be performed by lawyers;
  2. On a non-profit basis, provided only for the public good;
  3. Voluntary and without any payment for the lawyers;
  4. Free for the client;
  5. Meet the same quality standards paid professional legal services.

What are the examples of pro bono legal service?
  • Litigation or legal counselling for NGOs or their constituents
  • Drafting of contracts and legal documents for NGOs
  • Research in legal fields requested by NGOs
  • Drafting bills/regulations (laws)
  • Drafting explanatory legal guidebooks

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